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Colour Inspiration

"I don't believe there are off-putting colours"

David Hockney, 2015

Welcome back to another installment of Colour Inspiration! These little colour appreciation posts are all about taking a beautiful image and breaking it down into it's key components to see how they work together. We love colour at KAIKO. We find that the simple act of adding a bright colour to your day, like a sunny yellow or a happy pink, can always lift your mood. When trying to find the best combination, nature is definitely the best at pairing the most complimentary tones together.

This image from @oldfaithfulshop has this incredible colour combination of deep russet red contrasted against this stunning Alocasia plant. It has so much impact. This wouldn't usually be the kind of colour combination that I would naturally think of but I am completely enamored with it. 

The world's obsession with red is undeniable. It is believed that people first began dyeing cloth sometime between the sixth and fourth millennia BC and most of the scraps of dyed cloth from this time until the Roman era, were red. Isn't that incredible? To think that people from millennia past were just as drawn to the colour red as we are now just blows my mind. We paint our nails and lips with it and we all know red cars go faster. It is associated with joy, good luck, power and sex, so no wonder we are drawn to its warm and rich tones.  

Did you know the human eye is able to differentiate more shades of green than any other colour? The belief behind this is one of evolution and survival as our early ancestors relied on being able to find food, water and life. We know instinctively where there’s green, we’ll find food and water. Green falls in the middle of the light spectrum, meaning our eyes requires very little to no adjustment to be able to see it, making it a very restful colour for us. This is why with the majority of greens we see give us the feeling of being at peace and restful.

No wonder these two colours work so well together. They seem to compliment and balance each other so well. One is fiery and the other is tranquil.

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